Illuminate Yaletown 2012

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This year is the third annual Illuminate Yaletown festival. For those attending you may notice that this year it’s part of the new City and Slope Festival. City and Slope is a four day festival held in downtown Vancouver and its world-class mountains, Grouse, Cypress and Seymour, read more about it here. As the sun sets on February 10th and 11th, artists will light up their exhibits and Illuminate Yaletown. This  free event brings contemporary light art installations throughout the streets of Yaletown.

Illuminate Yaletown is a free, multi-night, entertainment-filled street party featuring amazing light installations from local artists.

Illuminate Yaletown utilizes advanced video and lighting technology that is both cutting edge and power smart. Showcasing the latest technological and environmental advancements in the lighting and power generation, this light show has the ability to awe the audience with its brilliance. Illuminate Yaletown is an event that can speak to the use of renewable power sources, cleaner generation technologies as well as more efficient light technologies.

Here are some images by photographer John Biehler:

Main Image:  sillygwailo

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    When? Where? What time?  How Much? ….  So many questions, so few answers.

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    In the post. After sunset, Yaletown (think mainland and hamilton streets), Free

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    maybe you’ll find the answers if you read the post

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    wow, fail photographer…

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    So excited, this is right by my office!