After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium


Fish are calming. Slightly more so without 500 kids underfoot. On March 1, experience the peace and tranquility of the Vancouver Aquarium galleries during After Hours, an adults-only evening. The event includes special programming and behind-the-scenes tours. Visit the Shark Penthouse normally closed to visitors, learn more on a guided tour through the new Our World gallery and enjoy hands-on learning at the Wet Lab. Food, wine and beer will also be available. Vancity Buzz has a pair of tickets to this amazing event, keep reading for entry details:


Here’s how to enter, for your chance to win a pair of tickets:

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  • Win a pair of tickets to @VancouverAqua’s after hours party March 1st via @Cwistal & @VancityBuzz Rt to Enter!

2. Leave a comment on this post. Tell us your favourite memory of the Vancouver Aquarium. If you haven’t been, then simply state you haven’t been.

Contest ends Wednesday February 29, 2012. Must be legal drinking age to enter.

Before you click on other Vancity Buzz articles, you may want to know that Penguins will be coming to the Vancouver Aquarium real soon.

What: After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium
When: Thursday, March 1, 2012, from 6 to 10 p.m.
Where: Vancouver Aquarium (see map below)
More info:

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  • Betty

    my favorite memories was watching the shows aired daily especially the dolphins and beluga whales! and of course the jelly fishes :)

  • Catherine

    Favourite memory is probably from back when they had the polar bears and penguins. I’m glad they’re being the penguins back!

  • Michelle

    Fav. memory: date with my boyfriend. We looooved the sea otters (RIP :-( ) and stood watching for so long!  Boyfriend bought me a sea otter stuffed animal at the gift shop and I toted it around on my Euro-trip, telling everyone about my amazing boyfriend and the Vancouver Aquarium :-)

  • Beloved Minds

    When I was little… always being breath-taken by the underwater view of the animals. I wasn’t quite sure they could really exist.

  • Toys-R-Us Kid

    My favorite memory is of when I was little running around with my friends and being so excited to see all of the interesting creatures at the Aquarium. 

  • Alyssa Bauer

    When I was in preschool, I visited the Vancouver Aquarium with my friend and her mom. It was my first introduction to the enchanting and mysterious world under the sea. I purchased a beluga stuffed animal and still have it to this day. I’ve always wanted to watch the belugas swim at night and would love the opportunity to attend the After Hours Party!

  • Dilara Litonjua

    About 8 years ago, I attended a Full Moon party at the Aquarium – an adult only affair reminiscent of the famed Full Moon parties in Thailand. It was such a fun night and probably the most fun I’ve ever had at the aquarium.

  • dan


  • Nicole J

    The one and only time I was able to go was back when I was only 4, and I remember loving being surrounded by such amazing animals, so close to me! It was such a wonder for me at such a young age to have such amazing animals so close!

  • Kate Piotrowski

    I had to be may five, seven at best; we were in the amphitheatre seating to watch the killer whale show and, don’t ask me how, I wound up standing somewhat near their trainer.  

    I was clapping and laughing as I watched the hero-like trainer command the huge beasts to leap up into the air and spin, bodies half out of the water.  In mimicry, I twirled.  I giggled when I watched them spin once more and I twirled again and again.  I gasped as the light bulb ignited: I had somehow stolen the god-like power of the trainer and now this magnificent beast answered to me.  

    I immediately began throwing my hands in willy-nilly patterns and watched with awe-struck eyes as the orca tried its best to follow my gestures.  I squealed and clapped. 

    As I felt the hand of the trainer on my shoulder, I simultaneously felt the pit of my stomach drop.  “That’s enough, kiddo.”  I ran back to my mom in embarrassment but it wasn’t without noticing all the agonizingly jealous stares from all the other children.

  • kaka

    coming here with my family :)

  • Nicolb

    Taking my parents to the aquarium for the first time since moving here 21 years ago. Haven’t seen my parents so excited to see belugas before.

  • Lindsay B

    My grandparents used to give my family a membership every year for Christmas, so we used to go almost every other weekend. I LOVED the orcas and actually cried when we lost them. When I go, I spend most of my time watching the sloths in the Amazon exhibit because sloths are AWESOME.

  • annie wong

    My family never took me there, but I used to enjoy going there in Elementary and watch the beluga swim around. Watching the videos of them giving birth always caught my attention

  • Coach Kristi

    My favorite memory was being there with my grandchildren. It was a special experience to bond with young grandchildren who live far away and I seldom see them. 

  • mary w

    when killer whales were still around

  • chelsea m

    My favorite memory of the aquarium is from when I was a little girl touching a sea anemone for the first time with my mother!

  • PT

    Killer whales

  • Evan

    Favourite memory was going there as a class back in elementary school. Plenty of fun … everyone having a blast, and wide-eyed as we made our way around for a few hours.

  • Ivy Chau

    Never been! :( I’m such a horrible Lower Mainlander! lol

  • Jessica Chiu

    My favorite memories at the Vancouver Aquarium HAVE to be in the underground viewing area when the Orcas were still there! I remember being in awe of them swimming by cause you really saw how big they were in comparison.  

  • M Y

    I could literally spend a whole hour watching those adorable sea otters and have!  My favourite memory tho would be the river otters that used to be at Stanley Park (tho technically not the Aquarium) and how they would pose for pictures on that yellow slide when you point your camera at them.  How cute was that?

  • Samantha Clark

    During my first visit to Vancouver I went to the Aquarium. It made we want to move to Vancouver…which I did, seven years later. 

  • Irrene101

    Watching the underwater show!

  • Irrene101

    I tweeted @heyer49

  • caratz

    First date with my bf at the Vancouver Aquarium! :)

  • Sportco_10

    Seeing the amazing dolphin shows with my kids at work!!

  • Ashley C Viens

    I’ve never been to the Aquarium……..would love to go!!!

  • Gisella

    It was almost 24 years ago when my family and I had just immigrated from the Philippines…was such an amazing day being a tourist in my new home.