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It is with great sadness I report the passing of Sarah Burke. A person who I had tremendous respect, this passing comes on the eve of her own effort to greatly push inclusion of skiing superpipe in the Olympics and carve a place for herself on the podium.

Sarah Burke’s passing comes close to home for Vancouver, for she resided in Whistler and has a great impact on the skiing community around the world and in Vancouver. Complications from her January 10th injury in Utah are mainly attributed to her death. Sarah was 29 years old.

It was just this week we wrote about the positive impact by Sarah Burke. She has made such a positive contribution to the sport and to the people around her. In recent years she married fellow skier Rory Bushfield and was fortunate enough to have him and her family at her side when she passed.

Sarah is lucky to have left a positive legacy and the only thing to do now is push her dream to the Olympics and watch skiing halfpipe.

Photo from The Style Spy.

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  • Greenscape Design & Decor

    This is so sad :( RIP Sarah

  • Anonymous

    God be with this family, rest in peace Sarah.

  • lauren


  • wchelmer

    What an amazing woman! RIP Sarah – the worlds a much better place because you were here.