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Name and Twitter handle:  Tania @theBunnieBar

Occupation (optional): Account Manager at Cymax Stores, Social Media for Lusso Baby,  personal style blog at bunniebar.com, Love Bunnie accessories

A notable moment on Twitter? Once I tweeted about how Heidi and Spencer’s book “How to Get Famous” wanted to make me commit suicide. Shortly after, both of them followed me on Twitter. I get that they follow a lot of people, but that just freaked me out. I thought he was going to come after me with his crystals. (BTW, I did not read the book. Hence, why I’m still here.)

Your best Tweet: The time I got really excited to see a sign for $5 manicures! Only to realize seconds later it said $5 manure. That’s not exactly how the tweet went, but I can’t find it. You get the point. It still makes me chuckle.

What did you want to be growing up? A princess. Then a singer. Then a doctor. At one point, I wanted to be a cashier so I could press buttons.
If you could have dinner with 1 person (live or dead) who would it be? Kelly Cutrone. I admire her. And she’s a Scorpio. After dinner, I’d like if we could go outside and cry together. That’s a book I need to read. Hey I heard Christmas is just around the corner…..

Your claim to fame: I’m going to be famous. You just don’t know it yet. When I rap, I make panties drop. Whaaaat.

Do you know of a hidden gem in our city? Vancouver’s full of so many hidden gems and hole-in-the wall kind of places. In terms of fashion, I’d have to say that I’m really liking @CharlieAndLee and @BoardofTradeCo on Union St. They’re new and carry great pieces. I also love Front & Company on Main St. I could spend hours in there.
If you were a superhero, who would you be and why? The Incredible Hulk. You’re making me hungry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.

If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why? This is a dumb question and I have an answer. I’d be cilantro, because cilantro is so badass.
Recommend a fellow Twitterer that deserves some recognition? Do I have to name just one? @chinsquared because she’s my BFF and the shit. @dezumondo because he tweets smart things. And @KazSVP because he’s so pretty… tall.
Describe yourself in 3 words: I don’t know.

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