TEDxVancouver 2011

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TEDxVancouver 2011 exposed 1000 people at The Chan Centre for Performing Arts and many more watching the live stream online to nearly 10 hours of amazing ideas, inspiration and innovation through the line up of incredible speakers that included a general, a refugee, a millionaire and a couple of snowboarders amongst others.

Science, art, design and social issues intertwined from the moment the first speaker Reid Gower introduced his project The Sagan Series which matched the words of the great Carl Sagan with the magnificent NASA imagery of our world until the last 18 minute slot during which Victor Lucas read the hilarious and inspiring letter to his yet unborn child in which he shared his three main rules in life: Don’t be a dick; Don’t dick around & Don’t hang out with dicks.

Variety of speakers and subjects is what makes TED such a brilliant platform and TEDxVancouver team put together a fantastic and diverse event. Dr. Kate Morgan showed us how she connected the ocean to internet in project Neptune, Christopher Gaze showed us how we are unknowingly quoting Shakespeare on daily basis and Jer Thorp mixed statistics and art in a brilliant display of data you can hang in a museum.

If you are looking for inspiration to make the world a better place and need something more efficient than camping out on city squares and banging on drums then go over to TED.com and TEDxVancouver.com to find out more and start spreading some great ideas.

If you were there or if you watched the live stream let us know what were the highlights for you.


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