Ryan Kesler is Naked, You're Welcome Ladies

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When word got out that Ryan Kesler was going to appear nude in the October ESPN Magazine, women of Vancouver went nuts. Twitter was buzzing. Surprising to me a few of these women were the very ones that complain about women posing with very little or nude. Enough typing ladies and gentlemen that are interested in this, here is the photo:

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  • Neetzie

    Nice Rock!

  • Gbriggss

    the boy ovious works very hard to get his body looking that “athletic”.  very nice!

  • Guest

    Okay when its a nude pic isnt it mean to be NUDE i.e. no cover up

  • tballa

    he doesnt look injured

  • Ychastny


  • Zombiefighting

    why is he so fugly in real life and totally humpable here? Thanks photoshop.  Maybe you could airbrush the cancerous moles off those ham-hocks?

  • Constantpassion

    he is beautiful to look at on and off the ice…I am drooling….

  • CoastalSprite

    Yum! :DD

  • Dfgc

    this looks like one of those cheesy romance novel covers.

  • Okanagan Girl

    That IS a nice rock… it’s so… hard… and glistening, too.    mmmm mmmm mmmm   I’ll never look at Ryan Kesler quite the same way again… thank you!

  • Anubis_1974

    OMG – No wonder they call him ‘The Body’!
    Now if they could just get Bieksa to do that, we’d be all set. lol

  • C.E.M

    Lots of muscles, but I really think he’s too thin.

  • Sennichi

    who cares what the ladies think. Need a towel boy Ryan?

  • 1Angelee17

    Damnnnn!! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!! Happy Valentines Day!! Happy Easter!!! Happpy Canada Day!!! Are you sure your not a true Canadian Boy!! Happy Halloween, definitely a treat!! You should do a whole calendar layout for us Ryan!!! Preferably a 16 month calendar…. Fn’Eh!! thankyou sweet man!!

  • 1Angelee17

    Thank you for your very hot pic!! You rock!….  Get better soon! Just know you always have soemething to  fall back on for employment!!  yaaaa!!

  • Ken Serialkisser84

    haha…….. oh come on dude …. don’t try to make girls excited about u  ! lol

  • mb

    not moles its scars from surgery

  • mb

    Yum is all I have to say!!!

  • lou

    if only all nude photos of women were that tasteful!

  • hockeyfever

    wow Ryan Kesler your body is an absolute work of perfect art, you go!

  • Troll

    HE IS … AMAZING I love his body like crazy

  • Sexyjohnny

    Ryan Kesler is SEXIEST MAN ALIVE BABY!!!!! LOVE HIM SO ‘MUCH (specially at night ;D )

  • Lorieann1

    here it is the off season and I can only think of canucks…googling ryan kesler’s beautiful body as a highlight! his perfectly toned muscles make me yearn for some hard hockey playing action! hockey players rock!

  • Michael

    To hell with the ladies. They have to be willing to share. That body deserves to be viewed by discerning male eyes as well. Sorry gals. Not really.