Haunted Vancouver: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's famous Lady in Red

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This haunted Vancouver tale takes us to the elegant Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Not only is it one of the nicest buildings in the city, it’s also home to what many believe is the nicest ghost in the city, the famous Lady in Red. She’s been around for half a century and the hotel doesn’t deny her supernatural existence, in fact they embrace it. They have named a cocktail after her and she is widely known by hotel staff.

Her name was Jennie Pearl Cox. She was a regular visitor of the hotel’s ballroom in the 1930s and early 1940s. Apparently she took up residence at the hotel after a fatal car crash in 1944.

She has been seen passing through elevator doors on the 1st and 14th floors. Her main floor of choice is the 14th. She has also been seen in rooms and the hotel’s bellmen have claimed to witness her entering rooms just as they are checking in hotel guests.

If you’re afraid of ghosts, the next time you book at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, book the 15th floor or above!


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  • Eyeliah

    14th floor is the top floor.

  • Sammiewanukw

    naw the fairmont has 17 floors doesn’t it? i just looked it up. and it was room 1403 that bell boy saw her walk in

  • Videofx

    Funny thing is in all hotels the 14th floor is actually the 13th. take a look next time your in an elevator it always skips from 12 to 14

  • Ronan

    The Hotel Vancouver actually has a 13th floor

  • Michelle

    Could be one of the other 3 Fairmonts- but this one only has guest rooms to 14th floor and does have a 13th

  • Michelle

    Not this hotel though.