Vancouver Gets a Lingerie Football Team

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Today the Lingerie Football League (LFL) officials announced that Vancouver will be getting a Lingerie Football team. In total five Canadian cities got market rights for the inaugural season of LFL Canada, set to debut in Fall 2012. No word on team name, where they will be playing etc… Question is will you go and watch? 

The Canadian LFL teams will join Toronto, who currently competes with U.S. teams, the five markets awarded LFL franchises include: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec City and Montreal.

We’ll keep you abreast as more is shed on this story.


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  • laughinggirl

    Giggles @ keeping us ‘abreast’.

  • cashfloww

    ahahaha awesome.. where do they play 

  • Tushltd

    Love to sponsor this!

  • russ desaulniers

    Vancouver, you embarrass me.

  • EastVanBC

    Move then…

  • Lynnhoops

    Ridiculous.. Do the rules allow extra time outs for addressing “wardrobe malfunctions” or is that part of the game just to “play on”?

  • Mcfly

    vancouver fucken sux and yeah I am moving, east van, you probably have the t shirt you douche

  • EastVanBC

    Your Affliction t-shirt and gold chain should fit in nicely in Surrey.