Michael’s Arts & Crafts Downtown Vancouver Store Burrard/Alberni

By Vancity Buzz Staff | 11:15 am PST, Wed August 10, 2011 | Speak Up

Last week @DowntownVan tweeted that a Michaels Arts & Crafts is opening a store at Burrard/Alberni. Apparently it will be located on the second floor above existing retail. When I read that tweet my first thought was Burrard and Alberni? Our so called high end street will be home to a Michael’s? Something doesn’t add up. That is the same street that houses Hermes, Tiffany, Brooks Brothers, Agent Provocateaur, Burberry and now Michael’s.

Despite the perplexing location arts and crafts lovers will rejoice as they no longer have to leave downtown to get their craft on. More  on this as it develops…


Speak Up

  • Cenestpasmoi

    Yes, it might seem to be an odd spot but it will be nice to have a location downtown!  I just noticed the signs today.  Any idea when it will be opening?

  • Carol_barrett

    i cant tell you how happy i was to see a michaels  store opening down town thats  great!

  • Guest

    this i great – any news on when it actually opens.  I just saw the sign today – so excited – now i have somewhere to go on my lunch hour – woo hoo



  • Duango

    It will be open on Saturday August 18, 2012

  • rvr

    They will be offering 2x Air Miles from Aug 19-Sept 1.

  • Amandahbc

    I work at Michaels (Alberni). We opened on the 18th of this month. Glad you guys are happy! It’s a wonderful location, an awesome place to find everything you need from canvas to glitter and everything in between :) For any questions call 604-638-1940 or come in to the store. 

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