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UPDATE: This beautiful penthouse is listed for $28.8 million as of Aug 23rd on the MLS, the highest priced condo/apartment in Metro Vancouver. Please contact our resident Realtor if you would like to purchase.

Canadian interior designer Robert Bailey completed the interior penthouse apartment at the Fairmont Pacific Rim residences. The space is great, however, I’m not really a fan of the beige look. The space is screaming out for some colour! Nonetheless, to each their own, who am I to tell someone how a $20  + million penthouse should be decorated. 

Images via The Contemporist

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  • http://twitter.com/gloomybb gladys tsang

    Agreed on the beige-ness, but I do like the kitchen . . . and holy crap that’s a huge bed!

  • http://transcendwebs.com/blog Bruce Ng

    not a bad lookin shack!! 😀

  • http://twitter.com/ttnnguyen tien!

    good god, it is so beautiful! agreed on the lack of color. 😛 

  • Emily


  • http://twitter.com/ESLExplorer ESL Explorer

    Stop posting picture of my house online. <3

  • Justin

    I hope that $28 million comes with utilities… 

  • http://profiles.google.com/obrien.kevan Kevan O’Brien


  • k.c.

    $28 million… only in Vancouver. Sorry but I’d rather spend my $28 million buying a massive mansion in a gated community in Beverly Hills… oh and toss in a couple Bentley’s too. No big deal.

  • WC


  • Just me

    For a condo with a 28M dollar price tag the interior finishings and decor is for a choice of better words,”plain,vanilla,standard and cheap”.
    Maybe the “million dollar contractor” from the new TV show on HGTV should be hired to gut the place and breath some life into it with at least a 5M dollar makeover.
    Till then I dont see this place getting more than 15M as it is right now. 


  • Vancouver Luxury Realty People

    28 million can buy you at least 70 Bentleys, 50 Ferraris and so on, but then you really are living in the most expensive penthouse in Vancouver and everyone bows to you in admiration. You can still be the cool vancouver kid if you live in this penthouse 
    http://www.vancouverhouserent.com/portfolio/stunning-full-floor-penthouse-in-yaletown but you’ll have to wait a little as it got rented for a couple of years. Not 28 million but amazing and guaranteed to make the 99% of us jelous as heck.

  • The Average Joe

    Realistically ,if someone had only “28 million” they’d spend it wisely, like everyone of us…but if you had millions of dollars for instance more than 150 million…now I’m sure everyone of us have would have purchased this condo…and trust me there are people out there who have millions of dollars .All in all this condo is reality for million airs and dream to us. So everyone stop hating! 

  • Just me

    Guys,did you notice the huge neon sign of the “SHAW” corp right outside the master bedroom.
    28 million dollars to have your bedroom lite up at night like a cheap tourist room in “everytown” red light district because of that cheezy neon logo;never in a million years will it sell anywhere close to that price.  

  • http://twitter.com/BCBrokers BC Mortgage Broker

    Location and view is where the price tag

  • Freddo

    Looks totally boring to me! I wouldn’t spend 28,000 on it let along 28 million!

  • Charles Matassa

    Vancouver is a beautiful city and beautiful architecture even makes it prettier.They get a lot of rain,but once you get past that,you will love it.The people too are very nice and helpful. 

  • Goodkarma

    Yikes, boring, boring, boring and beige, yuck!

  • Goodkarma4u2

    Oh and I feel super sorry for anyone who feels that they have to buy stuff to “be the cool kid” or have people admire them for things that they own, can you say shallow and self centred.

  • bcl187

    Dude this a GTA5 APARTMENT

  • Kyle Watson

    This comment is pretty much the epitomy of Vancouver.