Top 10 Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver

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Summertime and ice cream go hand and hand and in Vancouver there is no shortage of places to get your fix. In fact there are far too many to list so we’ve narrowed it down to the ten that warrant a visit. Indulge in some frozen treats to satisfy your craving. Here is our top ten (in no particular order):

1. La Casa Gelato International

Address: 1033 Venables Street, Vancouver

With over 500 flavours to choose from (they rotate so not all 500 are available at any given time), La Casa Gelato International is an East Vancouver institution and destination for gelato lovers from all over the Lower Mainland. Try some of their wilder creations such as garlic, curry, jalapeno, red bean, and asparagus. Or for you less adventurous types stick to the classics.

2. Bella Gelateria

Address: 1001 West Cordova, Vancouver

One of the new additions to the gelato scene in Vancouver is Bella Gelateria. It’s also one of the best. Located in the business district take a break from the office and head on down for some of the finest gelato to be found anywhere.

3. Marble Slab

Address: 1184 Denman Street, Vancouver

Located in the West End, a hub for frozen treats in the city, this ice cream shop is worth a visit. Every batch of Marble Slab Creamery ice cream is fresh made in small batches in store using ingredients from around the world and dairy from local farms. This place is packed on sunny days so be patient and you shall be rewarded with great ice cream.

4.Gelormy (formerly Mondo Gelato)

Address: 1094 Denman St, Vancouver

A true gelateria artiginale, Gelormy produces fresh gelato in small batches. Whether it’s the pistachios for the gelato or the gelato making machine, Gelarmony sources all key ingredients and equipment directly from Italy. A must visit.

5. 7 Sweet Sins

Address: 683 Abbott St, (a stone’s throw from Rogers Arena)

A cute little pink French bakery, 7 Sweet Sins has great Parisian ambiance and staff. Have yet to try their other baked goods but they gelato is bang on and the serving size is generous. Perfect for your before or after concert, hockey or other event fix due to its proximity to Rogers Arena.

6. Mario’s Gelati

Address: 88 East 1st Avenue (next to the Olympic Village)

There are always crowds at Mario’s Gelati and I expect as the Olympic Village becomes a community this place will be even busier. A veteran in the gelato game.

7. Qoola

Address: 1116 Denman Street

Head to Qoola, a super sleek West End shop and try some of the best frozen yogurt around. Their genuine fresh frozen yogurt is made from 100% natural ingredients, and packed with live and active cultures. Decadently creamy, irresistably tangy and superbly nutritious, Qoola’s fat-free, gluten-free, and certified kosher frozen yogurt will never disappoint.

8. Avalon Dairy

Address: 5805 Wales Street

Our search for great ice cream once again takes us to East Van. B.C.’s oldest dairy, Avalon Dairy. They have a small retail shop and you can get your ice cream fix there. There ice cream is now produced in a nut-free facility, good for those with allergies.

9. Scoop!

Address: 2050 West 4th Ave, Kitsilano

Another great frozen yogurt spot. Perfect for all the yogi’s in Kits. Do some hot yoga and cool down with some frozen yogurt afterwards. Okay maybe not but still it’s a great place to get your fix.

10. Yaletown Gelato

Address: 1208 Homer Street

Great addition to the usual Yaletown scene and they have an amazing selection of gelato to choose from. There’s nothing better than a quick stop at Yaletown Gelato before a stroll along the seawall.


If you have other suggestions feel free to add them via comment.

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  • Amie Truong

    Dolce Amor is amazing! Great little place on Commercial Drive. Their one scoop is equivalent to La Casa’s two scoop and you get to choose two flavours! 

  • Philip

    Vivo Gelato in Kerrisdale is closed!

  • Donna

    An unexpected little place for a gelato fix is Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France on 21st Ave just west of Main. They serve each order with your choice of a square of their special French chocolate. It’s also amazing served with sipping chocolate or a shot of espresso! *Note their gelato is from Mario’s though

  • Mintgreenapron

    7 sweet sins was not great. Ice cream is from Mario’s (which is a few blocks away and probably fresher!) and the desserts did not taste fresh or homemade. Won’t be returning.

  • Jubejube

    Qoola on Denman closed 7 months ago…

  • anonymous.

    Readers, pls note that this article is dated July 11, 2011.  Yes, last summer.  So any new ones that are open, feel free to post.  The ones that are closed, kindly say that they’re no longer in business.

  • Dyllan Goldstein

    the lack of real ice-cream in Vancouver is depressing

  • Bill McPhee

    Hello? Salt Spring Gelato may be a few miles away but c’mon! There’s nothing better out there!