Rogers Arena Away Game Scalpers Profiting from Charity?

By Vancity Buzz Staff | 4:33 pm PST, Fri June 3, 2011 | Speak Up

These days demand is so high for all things Canucks that many people are trying to make a buck. Nothing wrong with that, I have no problem with scalpers trying to make a buck. If someone wants to pay $700/ticket for a seat up at the top of Rogers Arena let them. However, selling away game tickets, in which proceeds go to charity just doesn’t seem right unless the profits are then going to charity. However, I doubt that is the case.

Here is an ad that was shared on twitter. I’m sure there are more out there. Don’t know who would pay that much to watch a game on a big screen!

Ad 1:

Wednesday June 8th, 2011 Game 4!! BEST SEATS AVAILABLE!!
Section 308, Row 7, Seat 5-8!!: $75each… OR BEST OFFER!! No Lowballers!!
Section 308, Row 6, Seat 5-8!!: $75each… OR BEST OFFER!! No Lowballers!!

Monday June 13th, 2011 Game 6!! AMAZING SEATS!!
Section 307, Row 4, Seat 105-108!!: $100each… OR BEST OFFER!! No Lowballers!! *Refund Available If Game Not Needed*
Section 309, Row 7, Seat 105-108!!: $100each… OR BEST OFFER!! No Lowballers!! *Refund Available If Game Not Needed*


Then there is this ad that attempts to counter the away game ticket sellers.

Canucks Fans DO not buy these tickets off these scalpers and let them make money off an event where all the ticket sales go to Canucks Place!!

Some are asking for $50 a ticket to sit lower bowl, are they forgetting the game is played on the canucks jumbotron

Unless you are planning to donate profits to another Charity or canucks place, May all those selling for profit get hit by a bus

Good day!

Now one can argue the seller has already paid his/her share to charity but still something about this just isn’t right. However, I’m sure there are some crazy fans out there that just might buy these tickets.

Speak Up

  • Baw-nee

    This is absolutely disgusting!!! Canucks should go after the scalpers for this!

  • Jen C.

    Ugh that’s just despicable. 

  • 604 Foodtography

    Thank you for calling them out, this is just stupid.

  • Kai (kaishin chu)

    wow. that’s terrible. I was wondering if this would happen. since there was no fineprint on no-resale for profit or something… greedy hands.

  • Will Chack


  • Girl Unobserved

    Oh wow.  That just kinda pisses me off.  What is with the greed of people??

  • Tawcan

    That is just wrong. 

  • Canuckism

    Not surprised at all.

  • Jen_chu7

    Thank you. Making money off charity is disgusting…. I love your last thoughts…

    “Unless you are planning to donate profits to another Charity or canucks place, May all those selling for profit get hit by a bus”

  • Ali Smollan

    wow, all you people really piss me off. Ilove the Canucks, and I hate scalpers. but this time i’m siding with the scalpers. firstly, the profits from the tickets bought are already going to charity, secondly, the Canucks are also making money off this gig, so if anything, you should all boycott our beloved Canucks for “USING” the Canucks charity foundation to get people to come to rogers arena and spend more money on Canucks gear and concessions. all you haters out there are just jealous inside that you missed out on tickets and couldn’t resell them, or now you have to overpay to watch on a big screen. stop flagging scalpers posts on craigslist! GROW UP, PAY THE PRICE, you snooze you lose! STOP BEING OVERSENSITIVE! its the freaking Stanley cup finals!!!!! go out and enjoy, and stop complaining…..JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT! 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING…..sheesh!

  • Canuckism

    How would you know the craigslist posts are being flagged unless your a scalper?

  • Gogo

    Stay at home and watch it on your own LCD…..

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