Post Riot Clean-Up

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As soon as images starting filtering through the various information media outlets, I like the majority of us was disgusted by the shameful act by the small group of people. The riots achieved nothing. The Canucks still lost. However, a grassroots movement to clean up the post riot mess is under way. Please spread the word!

Once the embarrassing rioting has ended in Vancouver let’s all show the world what Vancouver is really about by helping rebuild and clean up so it is better than it was before.

If any city can bounce back from an embarrassment like this it is Vancouver!

Invite all of your friends! Let’s see if we can get Vancouver looking like a new city by noon Thursday!

Here is the link to the Facebook Event Page.

Time: Tomorrow at 7:00am – Saturday at 10:00am
Location: Downtown Vancouver
Created By: Smitty Smith

Image: Amy Gwen

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