Vancouver Women Ranked 6th Most Beautiful in The World

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When it comes to beauty Vancouver is definitely blessed and I’m not talking about the ocean and mountains. I’m talking about the beautiful women that call Vancouver home. This is no secret to Vancouverites. Just take a look (glance, don’t stare, that’s just creepy) around when you’re walking down the streets.

The men in this city are indeed lucky and now Travel MSN has confirmed it as Vancouver ranked 6th in the world and tops in North America. 

The rest of the top ten looks like this:

1. Melbourne, Australia

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. Amsterdam, Holland

4. Singapore

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

6. Vancouver

7. Barcelona, Spain

8. New York, NY

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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  • Peter282

    and rated first as the worst marriageable partners

  • XOXO

    Not tru Montreal kills Van anytime when talking about beautiful women

  • Peace out

    Maybe it’s a good thing that you’re out of here sweetie. 

  • Rob

    The part I enjoy is that the staff of Travel MSN created this list and it’s being discussed as if it’s of any statistical (or otherwise credible) merit. The author of this list probably asked his buddies on Facebook “hey brah, where are the hottest women? I’m writing up this article for work and am too baked to think right now”.

  • Ivy Fong

    You do realise that the women you are calling ugly stuck up bitches, are your sisters, your mothers, your wife, your lover…. Stay classy!

  • Patryn

    Does anyone have a link to the actual ranking on MSN Travel? I can’t seem to find it, and the link above just takes me to something which says “Who has the most beautiful women int eh world? Vancouver!” and shows some lady folding yoga pants in Kits.

  • ally

    Wow classy. I wonder why the beautiful good-hearted vancouver ladies avoid you? Negative attracts negative, just saying.

  • Jan

    So true!!

  • Jax

    LOL this is the biggest bullshit list on earth ahahahaha. Vancouver and the US have some of the ugliest women on this planet.. Masculine and fat! Where is RUssia where is Ukraine where is Romania…This list is a joke.

  • Tzanchan77

    Well, a friend of mine from Melbourne married a Vancouver woman and they moved there, so Vancouver rankings need to go up!

  • weaksauce

    Maybe if you like asians and poons….. shame such a beautiful city goes to waste with so many ugly girls.

  • Brazilian Chris

    Well, I am a Brazilian guy and, compared to Brazil, I can definitely say that Vancouver is like paradise. Women here are way more beautiful than there, and in my case, less snobbish than here. A girl that ranks 7 out of 10 there is more snob than a girl that ranks 9 out 10 here. Just my opinion.
    However, if you really would like to see beautiful women anywhere, go to Denmark. Girls there are not only beautiful, but also really nice.

  • Not quite

    Beauty has as much to do with kindness as it does how nice you are to look at. Urkainian women are manipulative sluts who think they are better than any other woman on the planet. I have travelled everywhere and Canadians and Americans are friendly Russians are so so, Aussies are cool, Asians are nice, South American are super down to Earth, Western Europe standoffish but civil, I could go on and on. Trust me on this, every Country I travel to I meet Ukranians and they always are running a game. And they do not age well. And they are jealous of every other women in existance. In fact I bet all these shitty comments about Vancouver women are written by Ukrainian women living in Vancouver!

  • Jax

    The list is abt BEAUTY not kindness. Dont need to trust you dude. I live in all listed countries. This is talked from hands on experience. What you call civil i call robotic. Ukrainian women in vancouver are not pretty. A Ukrainian will run a game unless she loves u. U must have the skills to recognize their type .Ukrainian women are loyal family oriented live to cook and pamper their man IF THEY LOVE HIM. Againe the post is about beauty.

    THey age badly comment is very stupid. Here is why. Take it from me ex model casting manager. The amercian and canadians have BAD GENES. BUt have the money to fix shit. Surgery botox, hair extensions, and lifiting.Add this the push up bra and high heels to pull up the ass. ANd when they grow older they are on constant plastic surgery visits. That is why they may look younger when they age. BUt they all look the same 😀

    A average ukrainian girl doesn’t have the money to do all those things. IF she did all the girls would look like godesses.

    Natural femnine beauty goes to the Eastern Europe for sure.