Vancouver Eats: Congee Noodle King

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Looking for a quick lunch option? Head to Congee Noodle King, known for their congees, barbecued meats and wontons.

Vancouver Eats: Congee Noodle King
They have two versions of Wonton Noodles here, with and without soup. The rice noodles and wontons swim in a clear broth, made for slurping. These noodles are really absorbent, so eat quickly or be left with bloated noodles. It’s happened to me.

Or try it without soup. You get a huge plate of noodles, topped with the wontons and a little bowl of soup on the side. How to eat? Take a chopstick-full of noodles, dunk it into the soup, and then slurp away. Or dunk batches of noodles into the soup and make your own noodle soup. I’ve seen both methods in action. Oh, and the sauce is a green onion and ginger oil concoction and makes everything better.

In both cases, the wontons really make the dish. They are plump and loaded with chunks of shrimp in a very thin wrapper. They’re pretty big too, and six of them will really fill you up.

Another winner is their Chicken Chow Mein. They don’t pour the sauce over ALL the noodles, instead they leave some unsoaked bits so that the noodles stay crunchy. The sauce is mild, loaded with bean sprouts, mushrooms and chicken. If you like spice, pile some chili oil on it. I prefer chili oil because it is easier to drizzle than chili paste.

I love my BBQ Duck with Lai Fun, chunks of duck barbecued until the skin is crispy, with a thin layer of fat underneath. Get some plum sauce on the side, the sweetness balances slight gamey flavour of the duck. These noodles are quite similar to spaghetti and a very slippery. They have a wide variety of noodles here, try them all to find your favourite!

Written By: Grace Cheung (@GraceCheung604)
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