Happy Birthday Vancouver! 125 Things That Make You Great

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The city, she always holds a special place in my heart. Having lived in the city of Vancouver my whole life (something that many can’t say and I’m proud of that), I’ve seen it come a long, long way. For a city of 650,000 people it punches well above its weight class. It’s destined for greatness. No, it’s already great!

Week after week, we went through the arduous yet easy task of compiling sets of 125 things that make Vancouver so great. We made it, from #125 to #1. Here is the complete list of posts, on Vancouver’s 125th birthday…

125-120 | Vancouver 125: History
119-104 | Vancouver 125: Landmarks
103-95 | Vancouver 125: Streets
94-83 | Vancouver 125: Festivals and Parades
82-72 | Vancouver 125: Neighbourhoods
71-62 | Vancouver 125: Companies
61-56 | Vancouver 125: Public Spaces
55-45 | Vancouver 125: Sports
44-37 | Vancouver 125: People
36-30 | Vancouver 125: People (Part 2)
29-20 | Vancouver 125: Everything
19-1 | Vancouver 125: Everything (Part 2)

Hope our readers enjoyed Vancouver 125. It was a pleasure producing this series. The future looks bright for Vancouver. We just need the politicians and the people to carry it forward.

Happy 125th Birthday Vancouver!

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