Legally Blonde The Musical at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

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Tuesday night was Opening Night of Legally Blonde – The Musical at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Based on the movie starring Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, it’s a story about a girl who loses her supposed true love, only to find so much more.

We are warned by Elle herself to turn off all blackberries and iPhones before the start of the show. And then promptly, we are taken into Delta Nu’s sorority house as Elle gets ready for her date with Warner.

The show also had a trained Chihuahua named Bruiser, who made his entrance early and the audience was quite enamoured everytime he visited the stage.

My recollection of the movie was that it had a predominantly female cast, but in the play, the men really hold their own Emmett, the teaching assistant and Kyle the “UPS” package delivery person were the two standouts for me.

The music is upbeat with lots of variety in the dance numbers. There were hip-hop grooves, ballroom dances, cheer leading routines, tap dancing and even something involving jump ropes! Very good choreography across the board.

This was a really entertaining show. The acting, singing and dancing were strong, and there wasn’t a weak link in the group. All the major characters held their own in solos and the ensemble cast came together nicely for those numbers.

Although there are some double entendres amongst the comedic bits, this show is suitable for all ages. Showing nightly at 8 until March 6, there are two matinee shows at 2pm on the weekend.

Written By: Grace Cheung (@GraceCheung604)

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