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I decided to try Meat and Bread last week and wow, it really is worth the hype. Located by Victory Square, it serves two meat sandwiches with a rotating third meat option and a grilled cheese for vegetarians. We got their two staples, the Meatball and the Porchetta. There is a large communal table and a few two-seaters, but this place also does a brisk takeout business at lunch.

The first sandwich we had was the Meatball. The meatballs are drenched in marinara sauce and then topped with shaved parmesan. On the other side of the ciabatta bun, there’s some sambal sauce for spice. Served semi-warm, we ate it first. The meat was moist and the sauce was so hearty! Oh and the sambal gave it a great kick.

Our other sandwich was the Porchetta. Piled high on the bun, the meat is topped with salsa verde and crackling, yes, crackling! They don’t add mustard, mayo and other condiments on your sandwich, so the crackling actually has a chance of staying crispy, and it does! Couldn’t really taste the salsa verde, but oh, the cracking will get you!

For my burgers, I get my buns double toasted, but found the un-toasted ciabatta a great compliment to the fillings, so you can focus on the meat’s texture and flavour. And look, no lettuce, tomato or pickle in sight. Just Meat and Bread!
Word of advice: if you are sharing these two sandwiches, eat the Porchetta first since the flavours are milder and will get lost post-Meatball.

Written By: Grace Cheung (@GraceCheung604)

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