Taller Buildings Coming Downtown

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The debate over taller towers in Vancouver is  over for now as 7 building sites in downtown Vancouver have seen their height limits increased. This week city council unanimously approved the height increase, this despite a rally cry from a small group of Vancouverites, who wanted to protect their views of the mountains, or something to that effect.

This height increase only applies to downtown, and mainly in the Central Business District,  so the residents of Chinatown and Gastown can rest easy for now.  Ultimately, height increases will be coming to the Downtown East Side and with that comes increased gentrification. If The Bowery in NYC can be gentrified, so can the DTES. It’s only a matter of time.

Now if only city council can do something about the blandness of our architecture. The city needs one landmark building  that should be designated for the tallest tower in the city and strive for architectural excellence.

Image: A concept rendering via Dleung

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