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Image: Kevin Hagell

Kelly Ann moved to Vancouver from Florida 1 year ago and loved it here so much she decided to stay. She went to school for photography, which one day she intends to use while traveling on photo journalist/documentary projects. She is also a licensed full specialist, which includes aesthetics, makeup artistry and nail artistry.

Image: Andre Rowe

Vancity Buzz: When and how did you get into modeling?

Kelly: When I was 16 I was working in a t shirt store on Ft. Lauderdale Beach when a photographer asked me if I would be interested in modeling, the next day we did a test shoot on the beach and I then found out that I was photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera.

I first got the idea of modeling as a career when I was about 18. I got scouted by a Miami agent in the mall. I have a background in dance and theatre so I was very comfortable with performing and it wasn’t long before I started booking jobs and was able to make a living of it.

Image: Kevin Hagell

VcB: On your days off you like to?

Kelly: I enjoy the outdoors and try to spend as much time breathing fresh air as possible. I love to hike and I plan to do a lot of rock climbing this spring and summer. When it rains or it is very cold, I take baths and read books, cuddle with my puppy, crochet and occasionally paint.

Image: Kevin Hagell

VcB: Vancouver is great for outdoor enthusiasts, no wonder you love it here. Moving along, you have done a wide range of photo shoots. What was your favourite? Least Favourite?

Kelly: It is really hard to pick least and most favorite. I really do LOVE my job. I recently got to go to Kauai Hawaii for a shoot and was absolutely in awe of the beauty of that island! I soaked up every bit of sun I could before coming back to winter! That was definitely my most favorite recent shoot. Least… I have had to do a couple shoots that have involved getting into extremely cold water, I HATE cold water! But the photos were beautiful so it all worked out in the end.

Image: Erica D’Antona

VcB: Five years from now you will be?

Kelly: Hopefully living in some far corner of the earth living in a beautiful, modern house made of old shipping containers (or something re-purposed) in the jungle, near waterfalls and a beautiful beach. Somewhere warm. Maybe I will build a treetop lookout and a zip line.. And I will travel for work and will have discovered my purpose and be doing something that makes a difference in the world and it’s people in a big way. My goals are set and I am working towards them constantly!

Image: Kevin Hagell

Image: Kevin Hagell

VcB: What are your favourite things about Vancouver?

Kelly: Vancouver is beautiful and supports a healthy active lifestyle, which makes it easy to be happy here. The tap water is fresh and cold, the cheese and milk is better here than where I am from, and when the sun shines the whole city and all of it’s people seem to awaken. The temperature in summer in Vancouver is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. There are always a wide variety of events, markets, and community meet ups, etc that keep me motivated and happy. The scenery is beautiful also!

Image: Erica D’Antona

Thanks for taking the time for the interview. I’m sure we’ll see you on Vancity Buzz again soon.

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kellyann panama from Kaizen Visuals on Vimeo.

Photographers: Kevin Hagell, Erica D’Antona, Zipporah Wilson, Kelly Jill, Andre Rowe, Nick Suarez, Eduardo Garcia, Daniel Jolly, Kelsey Mackintosh, Yen Ryder

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