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Chelsea was born in Maple Ridge, later moved to Richmond and now loves every minute of living with her best friend in beautiful Vancouver. She has been a hip-hop dancer for 11 strong years now with a background in jazz and Broadway burlesque as well as modeling and acting for 2 years. She currently works in a real estate office full-time and teaches dance classes. Aside from her busy dance and work life, she loves to listen to her favorite country tunes, watch back-to-back sitcoms, and just relax at home with a glass of wine.

Vancity Buzz: When did you decide you wanted to get into modeling?

Chelsea: Since I can remember I had always dreamed of being a famous model, not just a model, I had big dreams. I watched modeling TV shows and fashions show and simply admired the way those women looked and the confidence they had that I greatly lacked. One day a few years back my aspiring photographer girlfriend asked if I was interested in being a test model for her and after seeing those pictures and having so much fun playing with different outfits and looks….well the rest is history. I realized I could express who I am through modeling and I can help someone else express their desires and feelings through me modeling. I love the passion those in this industry carry and the hard-work put into a perfect image!

VcB: Describe a typical day off?

Chelsea: I don’t really get a day off 😛 …I work my Monday to Friday office job and I choose to dance and teach dance all weekend! However, occasionally when classes are over , I’m one to shop around down on Robson or West 4th, hit a local restaurant or Sushi Bar for lunch, and to settle the night off, wine, snacks, and movies! I’m a pretty simple girl!

VcB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Chelsea: I can honestly set in stone that within the next 5 years I would like to have positively established myself within the modeling, dancing, and business industry and create a foundation for on-going success, personally and financially. On a lighter side, I am a very spontaneous and adventurous person which means I choose to plan my life as my cards are dealt, I leave windows open for opportunity.

VcB: What do you like best about Vancouver?

Chelsea: Vancouver accepts me for who I am! 😛 This city has such a extensive range of personalities, styles, and professions that whatever I choose to do whether it be a runway model or an astronaut, I will have a support system behind me and the information and schooling I may need will be in arm’s length reach for me to stretch out to… Vancouver offers boundless opportunity for those who want it!

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Photos by: Robert Mitchell, Alisa Rebecca, Jorge Ruiz, Sun-You Kim

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