Target Coming to Vancouver in 2013

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Update: Metrotown and Oakridge Mall will be home to the lower mainlands first Target locations.

Early this morning it was announced that Target acquired Zellers, the neglected stepchild of the Hudson’s Bay family, and plans to convert the majority of its existing stores over the next couple of years. However, don’t expect this to happen soon, the earliest I’ve heard is 2013, that is when approximately half the Zellers will be converted to Target stores.

Currently there is only one Zellers location in Vancouver, Oakridge Centre. However, don’t be surprised if this never gets converted to Target store at all. Rumour in the retail industry has it that Oakridge Centre would like to bring in an upscale anchor tenant, think Holt Renfrew. Even Nordstrom’s name is being thrown around, however with The Bay right beside it, I don’t know if that’s a good fit. Consumers would love it, but it could cripple The Bay.

For the most part it looks like consumers are excited about the pending arrival of Target to Metro Vancouver and Canada as a whole.

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  • Dave Munroe

    I think Target would do well on the west side, being an “upscale” cheap store, though I can see why Oakridge would prefer a more “prestigious” tenant in that spot. Zeller’s is kind of a drag on their increasingly fancy image. I miss Woodward’s!

  • Dee

    I’ll be honest, the only reason I go to Oakridge is to go to either a) Safeway b) the food court and c) Zellers. All the stores in that mall are so expensive that I can’t even buy anything.

  • Amanda Chan

    u suck

  • Suckmydick

    agreed you cheap mother fucker

  • betazors

    move to the U.S. if status-conscious bull-donkey-fronting is your thing. You’d fit in.

  • Shiang

    FUCK YOU!!!

  • Dpkling

    we need quality stores in oakridge.zellers sucks.

  • Chantilly1908

    What is everyone problem.  I can’t wait for shopping at Target.  I am sick and tired of seeing the same old same old.  I went to Target once in Blaine and was truly surprised everything that they had so much more.  And i would also love to see Cost Cuter coming to Vancouver.  Once again sick of tired getting Canadian brands things when the USA has so much of a selection in clothing and in groceries. 

  • kc

    There are enough high end stores already in Oakridge.  I live in the area and much prefer Target to Holts.  I have done a lot of shopping at Zellers over the years and will miss it.  The richer people are the cheaper they are.  If you fail to replace Zellers, shoppers will go elsewhere.