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Update 2: A construction crane has been installed at the site. Many stores have closed down to make way for this large Forever 21 Vancouver location.

Update: It has long been rumoured that Forever 21 will be opening up on Robson Street.  That rumour is now becoming a reality as the vacating of Tsunami Sushi and El Kartel , amongst others will make way for a new multi-level Forever 21.

Ever since Forever 21’s Metrotown location and Richmond Centre were confirmed, rumours started swirling about a possible Robson Street location in Vancouver.  Now we all know that Robson Street could use some more stores, but the problem has always been the lack of prime retail space.

It was rumoured to be across the Vancouver Public Library in the new development titled Atelier (Robson and Homer).   An odd choice, but if you look at Robson Street, there really isn’t a logical location  left between Granville and Bute (the main shopping drag). If this rumour is true, this will finally give shoppers a reason to go past Granville Street while cruising Robson. This, if successful could also pave the way for more stores (Apple comes to mind) and complete the Robson strip.

More on this as it develops…

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  • Anonymous

    Canadian Forever 21 stores are terrible. Going to the one in Seattle is way better. I think the ones here get all the shit that does not sell down south. The one at Metrotown is dreadful!!

  • Anonymous

    agreed. WORST STORE EVER.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think it's that bad, but I definitely agree that the American Forever 21's have a much better selection! What's with that anyways.. why do we get the short end of the stick!

  • Anonymous

    Forever21 sounds sick, but Apple? Eugh, no ty.

  • Anonymous

    Apple is rotten. Will check out Forever21 though. Thanks for the buzz.

  • Vivian C

    There’s already an Apple store in Pacific Centre. No need for one on Robson too.

  • anonymous

    you’re dreadful!

  • anonymous

    you’re dreadful!

  • Anonymous

    confusing article. top paragraph says that it’s confirmed Forever 21 will be tenant in location where Aldo, Tsunami Sushi, El Kartel is. Second paragraph speculates where new location could be at Robson and Homer… ?

  • Jake

    What’s so confusing? It says update, obviously the author has updated this as more intelligence came in. Idiots.

  • B.

    i totally agree! ive been shopping at forever21 for 10yrs (before i was 21 and now im past 21 lol) and in States there’s a difference btwn XXI and Forever21. they are the same company but XXI is cheaper quality stuff. ive been to the XXI store in seattle and it’s same as here. but forever21 store is so much better.. closest to vancouver is “alderwood mall” exit 184 HWY 5..btwn vancouver and seattle :-)

  • fred

    when is it opening??

  • Guest

    It’s updated you imbecile. How hard is it to freaking follow


  • Pirjo

    I live just a few blocks from the proposed location……I HATE malls, won’t shop in any but when Forever 21 opened in Metrotown I ventured in – what a joke.  I’m what you might call a fashionista, but labels, etc. don’t matter to me.  What I saw there was SO badly made – threads hanging, buttons half on, etc.  If you want trendy (and classic) fashion at a very low cost on Robson, try Dynamite.  For price, really well made, very friendly staff – nice small store, which I like.

  • Sassysara123

    where is the store in the picture… ( confused)

  • Nice

    no need to be an ass about it