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Bah, humbug. Getting into the holiday spirit can sometimes be difficult. Already stretched thin with the day-to-day, the added pressures of Christmas can turn out to be an unfortunate wallet, schedule and stress bust, more than anything.

Fear not, a reminder to our readers that returning to the purest meaning of the holidays can get rid of the Grinch-esque attitude that has been looming in the back of your minds. Indulge in the simplest treats like caroling, feasting, and giving to a loved one or even a stranger. It can be a shiny gem in a little box, the latest gadget or a day of pampering, but the best gift that can be given is with your two arms. *HUG* Let’s all keep that thought on the forefront of our minds as the countdown to Christmas continues. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, Vancity Buzz wishes you a safe and happy holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone! Now take some time and enjoy this holiday classic!

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