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Sustainable Food for Thought at Romer’s

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Justin (@HeyACG)

Jim Romer is not only the Executive Chef of Vancouver’s first burger bar, but he is also one of our city’s role models demonstrating real sustainability. Many of North America’s eateries are marketing a fashionable and green food supply, but few actually deliver the real promise. Meet real sustainable eating at Romer’s Burger Bar.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jim for the night at Romer’s grand opening. I am not a foodie fashionista so when I went to order a bottle of Canadian Jim gave me a friendly laugh. “All of our suppliers are locally-sourced”, he explained. This was my first insight to Jim’s methodology: all drinks, beer, meat, and ingredients are sourced locally. Fountain drinks are crafted locally by Fentiman’s, beer is purchased from local brewers, and the beef is free range from the B.C.-Alberta border.

Are there limits? Jim explained that, unfortunately, not every ingredient can be locally grown. It’s the reality of the B.C. climate, but his style certainly compensates for it. The fries were a great surprise: very easy on the salt. And that goes for the rest of the food. The North American burger atmosphere is plagued with sodium-induced heart attacks. But Jim went easy on the salt in his menu. I left feeling relaxed and full, not anxious from an overuse of salt, sugar, or oil. I left with a great experience of trying more.

Want to try a burger? Romer’s is just near the corner of Burrard and West 4th in Kitsilano. And a shot of “Romer Beerita” might just float your boat.

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