Haunted Vancouver: The Many Ghosts of Hycroft Mansion

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The Hycroft Mansion, located in the uber upper class neighbourhood of Shaughnessy, is a 20,000 square foot well documented home for paranormal activity in Vancouver. Supposedly there are seven ghosts that peruse the halls of this 30 room abode, yes 30, that my friends is a real mansion.

The home is known for its many secret panels, which were believed to be used to by the family to store their valuable heirlooms. If you were to pass by this house on any given day you most likely would not be spooked. It definitely doesn’t give off the haunted house vibe that some of the more heritage style Vancouver homes do, especially on a dark, rainy Vancouver night (see Commercial Drive homes to see what I’m talking about).

Hycroft Mansion was built for politician and war hero General Alexander Duncan McRae in the early 1900’s and the house was routinely the host to many high society parties back in the day. Numerous sightings of an elderly man dressed in a World War I uniform have been reported over the years, which is believed to be the spirit of General McRae. Another ghostly figure is that of a lady, who is said to be the wife of the General.

That explains two of the seven reported ghost sightings. During World War II, the mansion was used as a veterans’ hospital. Apparitions of three veterans have been seen, in addition a ghostly figure, which is believed to be the head nurse. The final apparition is known simply as the “crying man” as sounds of a crying man have been heard by many people in one of the lower floor rooms.

The ghosts that reside at Hycroft Mansion seem to only appear when film crews are shooting on location, especially shows that focus on paranormal activity such as the X-Files. The paranormal activity stops when parties or receptions are held at the mansion as the ghosts are probably to be busy getting there groove on.

Today, the Hycroft Mansion is owned by the University Women’s Club of Vancouver. The house is open to the public on special occasions; we at Vancity Buzz will attempt to do some paranormal investigation soon or maybe not, we’re busy people, ha!

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  • Anonymous

    I heard that the reason the general and his wife still haunt the place is because they were both killed and they are still trying to find the killer? Anyone else know why…?

  • VancityAllie

    I haven't been yet, but I've heard lots of good things. Would really like to get to see it this Halloween.

  • Vanguy

    I've spent a fair bit of time there and it's a terrific building and grounds. Well worth a visit. I believe they may still do a Christmas Open House.

  • Anonymous

    You really need to work on your grammar.

  • Anonymous

    I had my wedding at Hycroft back in the late 90's and it was a most wonderful grand affair.My husband and I were married in the beautiful drawing room with cocktails to follow in the adjacent marbled solarium. Our dinner/dance reception was downstairs with a natural spring wood floor. I still love to visit this spectacular mansion……

  • BadGrammarGrouch

    It’s fun to read things like this about our city! However, can the writers of these articles take some classes in grammar and spelling?! It really detracts from the entire piece when it seems like it was written by a high school student whose usual writing medium is text messaging.

  • Truth Is Out There

    January 28, 2011
    The next few days should be quite interesting. When I left off my membership form to join the University Women’s Club yesterday, I had to make my way through an obstacle course of film trucks, crew, cables and cameras. Guess what? The mansion will be closed Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 for filming — and the film is Hamlet! Remember how THAT one starts — with Hamlet’s father’s ghost, dressed in battle array?
    If something doesn’t make itself present there during the next few days, and with witnesses, I’m going to lose my faith in “Haunted Hycroft”.

  • Beth_pollock

    Not true
    ,do your homework…