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This week we feature another local model on the cusp of doing great things, Nikki Chang. You might have seen her recently in your local grocery or drug store on the cover of DSport magazine. Last week we got a chance to sit down and speak with Nikki, here is the interview:

Vancity Buzz: Tell the people of Vancouver a few things about yourself?

Nikki Chang: Vancouver is truly one of the world’s most beautiful and most perfect places to visit or live. Whether you prefer the lights and sounds of city life in downtown core, or enjoy a quiet outdoor adventure in parks and conservation Areas. Vancouver has them all, it’s one of the world’s most spectacular cities!

I am Chinese/Taiwanese. I was born and raised in Taiwan. Due to better opportunities in education, my parents decided to move to Canada and we ended up settling on the west coast Vancouver where I currently reside. Right now, I’m trying to find the best balance between work and school. While I go-go dance and bartend, I’m still a relatively shy but I love to meet new people, dance and play poker. I just recently got back from a tournament where I was the spokes model for Poker King in Macau. That was the greatest experience ever!

Image: Jason W

VcB: How long have you been modeling and what inspired you to become a model?

Nikki: I’m a Prestigious Model where I have been modeling for over a year now. I love make up, taking pictures, traveling and meeting all these talented people. As a model, I get to travel all around the world, get to see new things, and try awesome food.

Image: Jason W

VcB: Tell us a little about your best and worst experiences thus far in the modeling industry?

Nikki: The best part of been in modeling industry is that I get to travel all around the world and meet great people. The worst part of this industry can be things like, weird request from creepy photographers.

Image: Jason W

VcB: You’re affiliated with Battlefield Fight League in Vancouver, how has that been so far? Are you a fan of MMA?

Nikki: I was lucky to get chosen to be the ring girl for Battlefield Fight League in Vancouver, where we had our last event a month ago. So far things are going really well and I’m excited for our next coming up event in August. I wasn’t a big MMA fan to begin with but I’m starting to like it more and more as I continuously work with Battlefield Fight League.

VcB: What are your favourite things about Vancouver?

Nikki: I’d say the food and outdoor activities! We get a lot of fresh seafood on the west coast. And I have weak spot for sushi. Just talking about it now makes my mouth water! In addition, another great thing about Vancity is the outdoor activities. It has great beaches for a nice summer tan and spectacular mountains to hike to just name a few. The view from atop is amazing!

Image: Chang Li Photography

Image:  Andrew wong, coffeehousephoto

Image: Michael Ferrara, From Dsport magazine

Image: Michael Ferrara, From Dsport magazine

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