New Cactus Club to Open at Vancouver Convention Centre

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Update: No longer a rumour it has now been confirmed by Cactus Club
Love Cactus Club and their awesome servers? Well it looks like fans will have another Cactus Club location to choose from very soon. This rumoured location that I’m talking about is at the brand spanking new Vancouver Convention Centre, next to Jack Poole Plaza, southwest corner to be exact. Yes, first Cactus Club sets up shop at English Bay and now at the new convention centre. My source, one of the people working at the site spilled the beans.

No matter what your opinion is about Cactus Club or the chain restaurant scene in Vancouver, this is a great move by them  from a pure business standpoint. Furthermore, in all honesty with the high rent demands it wasn’t likely that an independent was going to jump in.

Now this leaves us with the following questions. Where will they open next? Why not at the top of Grouse Mountain, I think there is room there?

I’m sure this piece of information will sit well with the locals. I for one do not mind Cactus Club at all.

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  • Marda

    Good for them. I have not been to Cactus Club in awhile, though they do have really good frozen drinks :)

  • Miss Kelli

    Vancouver would benefit from fewer restaurants that put the staff's looks ahead of the food.

    I'm also looking at you, Moxies, Browns, and Milestones. Seriously, can anybody even tell those places apart?

  • Sanaz

    I feel sad for the guys who frequent these joints, the girls are only nice to you to get a generous tip! Reminds me of another industry…

  • Miz Liz

    I agree with Miss Kelli you can't tell any of those restaurants apart, how about a place that showcases Vancouver instead of tight shirts and the same "fusion" crap we can get at ALL the other places…

    We are starting to lose the standard that Vancouver is/was known for in regards to outstanding cuisine if we continue to allow these places to multiply like Starbucks….

    It's up to the public to visit the smaller, independent eateries that make Vancouver great!

  • amfriesen

    i have no problem with cactus club as there's one near my work on burrard & dunsmuir so another so close is good competition within their own business; it's a bit redundant but with the lineups at the burrard location another with a great view may be a good alternative; as long as the prices and food are the same

  • EffEcks

    Chain restaurants are always going to be in big buildings like this.

    As a person who grew up in New Brunswick and lived in Dublin for the last 4 years your chain restaurants are much better then any of the ones on the east coast.

    Although, I personally prefer a smaller more authentic feel then what these offer. There is always going to be a market for chain restaurants if only because you know exactly what you are getting. Makes them ideal for business meetings and people who don't know any better.

  • Anonymous

    Can't we see a little more originality to the restaurant scene in Vancouver? This is definitely a step back.