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Vancouver musician Sara Lynn is not who you think she is. Just when you imagine you’ve got her pegged, the singer, songwriter will up and surprise you by revealing something that makes you reconsider your original hypothesis. And ”Don’t Call Me Angel”, her sophomore release, carries on the ever-evolving Sara Lynn story in a most fitting fashion.

Sara is currently promoting her second album, “Don’t Call Me Angel”. Sara will also eventually promote the album with live performances which to this point have been postponed. She was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and has taken a short sabbatical to recover. You can read about her personal experience with this and how it has affected her here:
Sara is also very passionate about animal causes and supports the BC SPCA Biscuit Fund. Sara is in the midst of her Biscuit Bonus Fundraiser so check out her site and assist her in reaching her goal. She has also been involved with fundraising for the Lupus Society of BC, and sponsors a child through the World Vision organization.
Be on the look out for Sara.
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