Vancouver Model: Viktoriya Kozik

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Local model Viktoriya Kozik professes that her weaknesses are Jimmy Choo, Minolos, Dolce and also taking things for granted all too often. I think many women share the same retail affliction. Believe it or not she perceives her flaws to be her appearance, however during her shoots she is fully confident. I personally don’t see why she’d be so insecure just look at that bone structure and those legs. Continue reading to see more photos.

Originally from Russia she moved to Vancouver when she was 9 years old. Her most recent work was for L’ATELIER Yaletown, UMM magazine winter edition coming out December 3rd, Lady Gaga fashion show, Cebiche swimwear fashion show. She is also a part of Vancouver Vixens. Currently she is learning more about the wonderful way of photography and her future goals are to working on her own designer line of high fashion dresses and high fashion beach wear called “Viktoriya Couture”, which is still in it’s beginning stages. She would also love to get involved in acting so is taking classes to explore that route.

Photographer credits: Sarah Callenger, Karolina Turek, Raymond Chow
MUA Credits: Heather Tingskov, Tanya Edenshaw, Jazmin Sanderson

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