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Vancouver model Andrea Subasic is so young, yet passionate and determined about what she wants to do in life. Do not let her doe-eyed appearance fool you, this woman is all business! She is an aspiring Event Planner/Coordinator who wants to specialize in concerts, special events and corporate events. Outside of work, her love of music is unparalleled and sometimes overwhelming. You’ll often catch her listening to her favourite electronic tunes. Anything from House and Minimal to Progressive House and D and B.

In her free time, she loves attending events where her favourite Dj’s are playing. And along side that she loves casually editing video’s for anything whether it’s a video footage of her favourite Dj’s or an in class project presentation.

This Michael Kors lover is definitely “the person” to count on in a pinch, easily solving problems with logic and experience. Opinionated and fearless, she will not hesitate or hold back on the hard questions. One of her favourite quotes is:”People may not remember what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” She is a dependable model that puts in her best effort in all aspects of her life.

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