Rudolph The Red Nosed… Bus? WTF!?

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Have any of you seen this bus this year? Heck, have any of you ever seen this bus around the streets of Vancouver? If you have let us know where as we are on the hunt for Rudolph the red nosed Translink bus!

No word on whether or not there is a jolly fat man in a red suit on this bus waiting for you to sit on his lap. After years on public transit, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one, remember he isn’t Santa Clause.
Check out the big red nose, the antlers and apparently we’ve been told it has a tail on it rear bumper. We have a lot of crazy photographers that read our site if you snap a photo of the Rudolph bus in all it’s glory feel free to send us a message.

Photo via  mag3737 on Flickr

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