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Kinga Kapas was born in Budapest, Hungary on June 12th, 1987 and moved back and forth between Budapest and Vancouver all her life having finally settled in Vancouver five years ago. She started modeling at the young age of seven when she was scouted by a local agent in Vancouver. At the age of fifteen, she was once again discovered, this time in Europe and that was when her modeling career took off signing with an agency in Budapest as well as in Milan.

For the next two years she worked non-stop, A few of her   accomplishments include ads/billboards, editorials in a number of magazines, a variety of TV commercials all throughout Europe and Asia, and runway shows all over Europe.

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After moving back to Vancouver five years ago, she took time off and concentrated on finishing high school and attaining post secondary education. About two years ago she picked up modeling yet again and ran for Maxim Hometown Hotties 2009 and made submissions to Maxim, FHM, UMM, and Playboy. Fortunate for the experiences gained by modeling, however that is no longer focus on that.

Right now she’s working on obtaining a Masters in Psychology and working towards a PhD in Human Sexuality and would like to focus on doing research and working with patients undergoing sex-change operations, as well as research in other areas. She lives by the motto work hard, play hard. She loves to dance, having taken a variety of dance classes in the past ten years. She is an avid gamer, loves old school games, her favourite (and our writer Money J’s fave) being Zelda. She loves comic books and cooking, especially Hungarian cuisine! She loves Vancouver, “it is a beautiful city and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!”

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Photographer credits: Bryan Ward, Michael Cordiez, Gabor Klinsky and Torquille De Jonge

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