Gone Are the Days of Pho Bich Nga Vancouver

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If you lived east of Cambie Street sometime before 2005ish chances are you have seen this East Vancouver landmark. I’m surprised the heritage committee didn’t save the sign and put it up as public art somewhere in East Van when this place shut down. 

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  • Anonymous

    lol i remember that sign

  • Anonymous

    Is that barber shop still there tho?

  • Anonymous

    What about E&B on Kingsway and Fraser?

  • WelcomeToSlurrey

    Pho Sho

  • Masala Puri

    Pho Shizzle! old skool…

  • http://twitter.com/teamophoto john cruz

    Yep! The barber shop is still there. That guy is super funny. I go there to be entertained and I get a hair cut at the same time!