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Here is our interview with the very funny Peter Chao and no he is not a racist. You may not like his comedic approach and that’s fine with him. Because like Peter Chao would say, maybe you are the real racist.

So without further ado here is ten questions with Peter Chao aka Pyrobooby.

1. Peter Chao, you are a very funny man. You own YouTube right now. What made you get in on the YouTube game?

Peter: Well I see one of Mr Chi City video and he make me laugh bcuz brack [black] man always make me laugh. And since I also think I am pretty gangsta mudabitch I make video for him to show the love. And with help from Mr City I just explode onto YouTube!

2. How would you solve the homeless problem in Vancouver?

Peter: I will go to McDonald burger restaurant and buy about 300 burger and just toss out of my Lexus as I drive to East Hasting. Even the prostitute get hungry.

3. Would you ever consider moving to Surrey?

Peter: Surrey have lot of good deal bcuz but also lot of Brown ppl. I know they cheap so that is where I buy sofa so I get comfortable sofa for 50 dollar! Also, the Brown girl that have no hair on arm, they can be pretty sexy. So… maybe.

4. What happened to the video with the “Russian whore”, you know the one where you made fun of Robert Pattinson? She was one hot mudabitch!

Peter: YES she was Ok. It is become probrem because her pimp daddy say he hit me with pimp stick and I say WHY!? I bring u good business. But I guess for some reason, the customer might think she not clean. I put video back up as soon as I lose heat.

5. Are you a fan of the Olympics?

Peter: I am fan of Olympic only when the Chinese win! I like my own people they have disciprine [discipline]. Only thing they need working on is to lie better to get out of scandal.

6. Who in your mind is the hottest girl to be featured on Vancity Buzz and why?

Peter: I do not remember any name of any VanCity Buzz girl but I am sure you have White man that know who to choose for being hot.

7. Out of all the videos you did what is your favourite video?

Peter: I like all my video. Search for GF [girlfriend] is my favorite! Motherbitches easy, good GF that can make good sandwich – more hard to find.

8. Has Jamal (Peter Chao’s black friend) ever gone to jail. Be honest?

Peter: Jamal tell me he is smart brack man. He kill lot of people but he never leave behind bloody glove so as I say no probrem! No jail!

9. Fried rice or fried chicken?

Peter: Tough one! Fried rice all the way! But when hang out with Jamal he like to order KFC and then say he forget the wallet so I pay! Sneaky cheap mudafucka!

10. Why do you where glases in all your videos?

Peter: I just do because I want to. That all u need to know.

Thanks Peter Chao for your answers. I’ll have you know that Peter Chao answered those questions with a quickness reminiscent of Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon. Until our next segment, Chao outside mudafuckas! Now go check out his videos on YouTube!

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  • Hipster Designer

    Bress You orr! Vancity Buzz and Peter Chao!

    I'd love to see our man, Peter go visit some of his fellow mudafuckas at the local art school. I'm sure it would go over hilariously!

    Go Peter!

  • dsdsdsd

    Peter Chao is one funny mudabitch

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a funny mudafucka!

  • Anonymous

    racist prick!

  • Anonymous

    Peter Chao is a no good slut. hahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Peter Chao wears sunglasses in videos so people won't make fun of his tiny squinty asian eyes that he loves to make fun of. He has those asian eyes that he's ashamed of hahahahaha HE'S SCARED TO LOOK PEOPLE IN THE EYES! SUCH A CHICKEN SHIT PETER CHAO!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you anonymous!

  • Russian Whore

    U sir are a god! Peter Chao FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Peter chao go to surrey to buy nice sofa and get robbed by brown people, instead of giving sofa he stand there n say i just bought off yo daddy, you guys must get good business. i go in store and only one sofa in stock!

  • Chinese guy

    ^ROR what the fuck

  • desichick

    I lub ju peter

  • Anonymous

    Nice peter you rule

  • Anonymous

    Peter Chao is a comic genius!

  • johnson

    I love watching his videos. They make me laugh all the time. He's awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla walnut monkey

  • Anonymous

    I love how all these people talk trash about a comedian. Soon they will be talking trash about Russel peters for making racist jokes. OMG LIFE IS GOING TO END NOOOOOOO.

  • Anonymous

    brack peepo are the most racist. They dish it but can't take it. I want to see white people make a movie called Black Chicks. Wonder if that would be well received. Screw the double standard. Brack peepo always revert to racism.

  • Charlie

    ^ um Tropic Thunder fool. White's can't be racist because you just kill and take peoples land. Soon enough when the East rises to power your dream of a white world will be over and manifest destiny is finished.

  • Anonymous


  • Peter Chao is not a racist, You a racist hahahhahaha

    Does Peter Chao really make money.
    Is Peter Chao's accent real?

    These are the questions you should be asking him Vancouver!

  • Anonymous

    ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
     │▒│ /▒/
     │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ CHAO OUTSIDE
    │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ MUDAFUCKA!

  • Anonymous

    The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


  • Gerry D

    Peter Chao is hilarious. I figured out his "real" name though…the initials are D.T. Google is your friend!!

  • Anonymous

    So he is Chinese and he can make a good Chinese accent… where's the talent? Because seriously the material meh. What's next? A Latin-American that makes a good Spanish accent and can't tell/write a good joke? I bet Peter Chao's fans see that idea as a laugh attack waiting to happen *sigh*

  • xavier0386

    Peter chao diss in Doritos contest !! Check this out !!!


  • Anonymous


  • Alison

    This guy is wonderful.
    Here I sit in the middle of rural
    Wales looking out at mountains and sheep, lovely and my choice – but I can also watch Peter Chao. Isn't internet great.

    Alison (age 68)

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you anonymous, peter chap is frickin awesome,

    BTW, He wears his glasses so that people cant see his actual face because he's gonna get bashed if he shows his face to others since he's so racist.

  • Anonymous

    this video is done by preston chao


  • Anonymous

    I don't understand how people can call Peter Chao racist. If you don't understand his humor, he may seem politically incorrect, but that's not racism. If you study his self-deprecation, editing and timing, he's actually an incredible comedian!

  • Anonymous

    peter chao has "bastard" eyes and is fucking ugly nuff said

  • angrybritishchinese

    This interview is great. Peter Chao is a legend! I think he has great comic timing and his observation is second to none. Honestly, one of the best things to happen on youtube and makes me proud to be Chinese!

  • Anonymous

    anyone who hates peter chao is one big muddabitch

  • Johan Besas

    the talent is in his writing, and how he bring together the character he has created with that content and the accent, muddr fruckr

  • Soye kat

    Peter Chao’s real name is Davin Tong.

    The reason he wear glasses is because this is only way to protect him from been anonymous attack, he probably is not racist, but most of his videos are showing disrespectful to Chinese people. Do some research see if you can find any black people on youtube are specialized in making videos that sounds like mocking their own or any white mocking themselves culture or whatever. Very rare.

    It’s quite pathetic that majority of Chinese people don’t have belief now days, the only think might interested Chinese people is money and authority power. Chinese people has least dignity than any other ethics. Chinese failed of many things include family education, social recognition etc. If put Davin tong in China. I strongly believe he is dead already. Someone will beat him up one day.

  • Anony

    racism against racism. lol you’re too funny