BC Liberals Have 17 Point Lead

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(Gordo hanging with Trev and Steamer, how can you vote for James?) source: gov.bc.ca
With one month to go the B.C. Liberals hold an astounding 17 point lead over the NDP. Now that is a remarkable figure, however, I am reminded by the 1996 election and that anything can happen. This is B.C. politics we are talking about.
To be frank I’m more comfortable with Gordon Campbell as a leader and it appears most voters in British Columbia feel the same. Carole James just doesn’t cut it for me and the poll indicated that 24% of the people had no opinion on her whatsoever. Ouch.

Here are the number from Mustell Poll:

Liberals: 52%
NDP: 35%
Green: 12%
Other: 1%

Of course the economy was the main issue yet again and I don’t see anything changing on that front anytime soon. Voters feel (63% to 23%) that the Liberals are more capable of getting B.C. through these tough economic times.


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