Mukmuk Escapes Marketing Purgatory, Now an Official Mascot for 2010

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No longer is he merely an “online cheerleader”, Mukmuk has his own merchandise line bitches. Take that Miga, Quatchi and Sumi. He is now free to run a muck asking for your hard earned dollars to be spent frivolously on his new merchandise line.

The truth of the matter is that our beloved mascot Quatchi had been acting up ever since he was deemed tallest of the mascots. It seems he let his ego get the best of him. Despite numerous request from VANOC officials and torturous meetings with John Furlong himself, he continued to drive his fuel efficient Toyota Prius, whilst guzzling copious amounts of Pepsi. He also refused to switch his bank account to RBC opting instead to stay with BC based Vancity. Don’t believe me, head on over to the Daily Seagull those guys caught Quatchi in the act buying burgers from Burger King. Egregious.

photo courtesy of Ben Co.

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