How to get laid in Vancouver

By Vancity Buzz Staff | 7:00 pm PST, Thu November 13, 2008 | Speak Up

Here are a few helpful tips to get laid in Vancouver, fast.

1. Go to Surrey.

2. Start a Blog.

3. The ratio of men to women wanting to get laid was 10:1 three years ago. Plentyoffish claims the ratio is now 5:1. Within a decade it will be 1:1. Thank you internet.

4. Read a book.

5. Try Craigslist.

6. Best clubs: Celebrities, Roxy, The Royal.. and sometimes Caprice. It’s rumoured people have had sex in the bathroom stalls of Celebrities.

Speak Up

  • Anonymous

    are you serious? Skeets you are an insult to this blog and that isn’t saying much.

  • shay

    Vancity…i LOVE your blog but skeets has got to post something decent for once!?!

  • Vancity Buzz

    Sadly, Skeets’ posts actually get a lot of hits. Maybe there is a niche market for his stuff.

  • Phaedra

    what have I done to you ap to deserve a comment like this. Especially cool is the no link to even know who you are. Chump.

  • Vancity Buzz

    Phaedra we apologize for that troll ap. We have tried to ban his ip but he still finds a way to post on our site. Hope you accept our apology.

    Vancity Buzz Admin Team

  • Phaedra

    It’s not your fault the guys an asshat. i can take it. I just have no respect for losers who sit behind their computers and slag others whom they don’t even know.

    And I’m only 37, not 40. Sheesh. ;)

  • Urban dweller

    Well played Phaedra. You are right, he is an asshat and his name is in the ballot for Novembers Asshat of the Month.

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