Canucks give Leafs a thrashing

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It definitely lived up to the exciting match-up it was expected to be on Saturday. Both teams played hard but it was the Vancouver Canucks who found their scoring touch and beat the lowly Leafs, 4-2, even after facing more shots. Obviously, that meant Roberto Luongo was nothing short of stellar. The 2 goals allowed were due to lazy Canucks shifts. It would’ve been the 4th shutout in 5 games but the players in front of Luongo let him down, just for a minute. Perhaps I’m too hard on the ‘Nucks, but it just hurts to let in goals which shouldn’t have gone in.

The atmosphere in the garage was electric, filled with “Leafs suck!” chants. I must admit, however, Toronto Maple Leafs fans had a strong presence… but that didn’t stop the Leafs from sucking! They’re team is as crappy as their city, with no identity and over-hype!

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