Roberto Luongo Named Captain of Canucks

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We just got word that the Vancouver Canucks captain search is over. The new captain is none other than goaltender Roberto Luongo. I don’t recall this every happening before, I may be wrong. One question comes to mind as to who the designated referee talker would be. I’m guessing it will be one of the 3 assistant captains Mitchell, Kesler or Ohlund.

This is a shocker and completely out of the box thinking. I was certain that Mitchell or Ohlund would get the captaincy. Could this signal a contract extention for Bobbie Lou? Lets hope so. We got $10 million in cash and if that asshat Sundin didn’t screw us, we might have had a legitimate chance this year. Or maybe that is just the fan in me speaking. Whatever the case here is your new Captain Canucks Fans.

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