Blame the Leafs

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are the most-hated team in hockey. Firstly, they reside in the most smelliest, American city in Canada. Secondly, they suck.

It seems the Leafs don’t really care about anybody. Signing Jeff Finger to a $14 million, four-year deal completely unbalanced the equilibrium of the free agent market. What does it matter to the Leafs? They get plenty of time to rebuild while salaries correct themselves in a few years.

Being the reason for hot chicks to not appear on TV is a sin. Sucking, and costing hot chicks their job is pathetic. MVP: canceled, because the Leafs suck.

Not allowing financially-stricken NHL franchises in the US to relocate to profitable regions… the Leafs fucked them too.

Can’t watch the Sens? Hosed by the Leafs.

Even the Leafs agree for being blamed, so they’re blaming themselves!

In conclusion, if your toilet isn’t working, the stock market crashes, or your baby stabs you in the eye with a fork, blame the Leafs, ’cause they suck.


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