Capitol Residences: 43 Floor Residential Skyscraper

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The Capitol Residences luxury condo tower is located on Seymour street, right behind the Granville strip. Part of the development deal with the city, Wall Financial Corp. is to give a new lease on life to the aging Capitol 6 Theatre and also expand the world famous Orpheum Theatre. The development for this project is well under way as excavation has finished. A bonus is this site’s location to the high-end prostitutes that parade around on Seymour at night.

Project Highlights:
Height: 126 metres, 414 ft
Largest amenities ($20 million) trade-off in the history of Vancouver
Will include major expansion of Orpheum and renovation of Capitol 6 Theatre
Tallest residential building in the area

As promised, the Urban Dweller will shed light on the numerous projects going on around town. As noted, Money J Skeets has had his hands full with the Pride festivities this weekend and The Schwab is confined to his bed via a cookie dough overdose. Fuckers. Which explains the lack of development news on this site thus far.

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