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  1. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 5 days ago | Speak Up

    As another year comes to a close, we want to send a big, heartfelt thank you to all of our readers who have supported us by reading our site

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  2. By Manny Bahia | 4 weeks ago | Speak Up

    There is no large New Year’s Eve gathering in Vancouver which leads to promoters scrapping it out for your party dollars each year. The competition is good because it leads […]

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  3. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 6 hours ago | Speak Up

    A pair of moderately sized earthquakes struck British Columbia’s coast on Saturday just four hours apart from each other.

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  4. By Manny Dhillon | 6 hours ago | Speak Up

    Last Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks took apart the San Francisco 49ers, beating them by a score of 17 to 7. This week, the Seahawks head down to Glendale, AZ to […]

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  5. By Omarcanuck | 6 hours ago | Speak Up

    With the Canucks’ riding a five-game losing streak, the team has lost almost all credit it built up with fans through the first 26 games of the season.

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  6. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 13 hours ago | Speak Up

    There has been an electrical fire on a SkyTrain Canada Line train just outside Aberdeen Station in Richmond.

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  7. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 17 hours ago | Speak Up

    Environment Canada has declared a rainfall warning for the Metro Vancouver region. Forecasts show an intense and moist Pacific frontal system will arrive today, bringing heavy rain at times.

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  8. By Kenneth Chan | 20 hours ago | Speak Up

    Molson Coors has announced that it will be shutting down its beer bottling operations at the historic Vancouver brewery located at the south end of the Burrard Street Bridge.

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  9. By Ryan Biech | 22 hours ago | Speak Up

    The Canucks will look to end their losing streak against division rival, Calgary Flames, tonight. Hopefully the Canucks can score a goal or two, which hasn’t been easy of late, […]

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  10. By Vancity Buzz | 2 days ago | Speak Up

    For two nights next May, Vancouver will get to experience the legendary Tony Bennett and pop superstar Lady Gaga as their highly anticipated “Cheek to Cheek” concert tour comes to the […]

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